Article writing contest



The first prize for this article writing contest is 100$, the winner takes all.
The prize will be paid by PayPal or crypto(BTC).

As you see by the modest prize, this contest is mainly setup for new writers. I wish that the prize pool could be a little bigger, but unfortunately my budget screams no to that idea – for now.

I’m aware of the unpublished writer problem with finding writing jobs. In most cases, the employers ask for a link to a published article(s).
By entering this article writing contest, you can get your article(s) published, with a possibility to win a 100$ prize, and I may hire you for additional work in the future.


Rules of the article writing contest:

All articles must be submitted by April 15, 2020.
One author can submit multiple articles.
You should check that each article has a different title.

All submitted articles will have pending status, and if they check out for minimum requirements, I’ll publish them.
The first ones will not get published until there are at least 10 valid articles.

In a case of a low interest for the contest (if less then ten valid articles are submitted), the contest will be canceled.
I reserve the right to cancel this contest without any further explanation offered.
In the case of cancelation, I’ll contact the respected authors by the e-mail provided, and ask them if they still want their work published or should we delete it.

Original work only, the plagiarism will not be tolerated.
I’ll screen specially for that, with one or more tools at my disposal.

Depending on the valid entered participants, it may take me some time to score them properly. Most likely, I’ll do it in about the week.
In the case of a draw on top, the one who submitted first will be declared a winner.
I’ll post the scores for all articles, and announce the winner.

If the winner does not respond in two weeks, after the declaration of a winner on this site, he or she will forfeit. In that case, the runner up position will be declared a winner.

Any article submitted after the valid entry date, will not be considered for the prize, but will still get published.

I reserve the right to change the rules for this contest at any time.

Scoring points:

  1. Overall quality (15 max)
  2. Length of the article (5 max)
  3. SEO optimization (2 max)
  4. Topic (3 max)
  5. Community engagement (5max)
Overall quality – 15 pts max

The overall quality is my subjective score of the article. Grammar errors, engagement, and quality of the writing will influence this score.

Length of the article – 5 pts max

Length of the article:
-500-750 words – 1 point,
-751-1200 words – 2 points,
-1201-2000 words – 3 points,
-2001-5000 words – 4 points,
– >5001 words – 5 points.

seo optimization – 2 pts max

SEO on-page optimization, self-explanatory. If you don’t know what it means, try to focus on other areas.

topic – 3 pts max

Topic of the article – you can admit any topic you like (check the minimum requirements).
But, as this blog is geared towards freelancers and how to find a job online/make money online, topics like job board websites, your experience about finding work, Covid 19 impact on your business, and similar, will win more points.

Community engagement – 8 pts max

Community engagement – the author should comment on its own article with URL-s to his/her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account.
-The number of unique visitors to the article page – 1pts,
comments activity bellow each article, one user equals one vote – 1pts,
-activity on the Facebook page of the website (1pts for like and follow + 1pts for the positive comment of the contest post),
– activity on the Instagram of the website (1pts for the follow + 1pts for the like of the contest post),
– activity on the Twitter of the website (1pts for the like + 1pts for the retweet of the contest post)

Spam and profanities, if used, will net you negative points ;).

The minimum requirements

  • You must be REGISTERED to get published
  • English language only
  • Original content only (citations must be clearly identified)
  • 500+ words minimum
  • No media allowed
  • No affiliate links
  • No profanities or explicit content, or links to them
  • The overall quality of the article must be at least decent (grammar errors non-existent/low, if you are struggling with grammar read this please), or I’ll not publish it.
  • No plagiarism or illegal content allowed

Terms of publishing

By submitting your work here, you agree that Freelancer Inn becomes the owner of the article/content, and you may not publish it anywhere else without explicit permission from this site/owner.
All submitted work, which complies with the minimum requirements, will be posted on Freelancer Inn Blog.
You will be credited as a guest author, by the name you supply when registering.
We reserve the right not to publish any article without offering any explanation.
We may change the category of the article at a later date (after the contest).
Articles will be published as-is, we reserve the right to change their content (for on-page SEO purposes) at a later date (after the contest).
All work submitted here must be an original, without any copyright infringements.
Freelancer Inn (owner) reserves the right to change terms of publishing as and when we see fit.

Good luck to all the participants, I’m looking forward to reading your work.

The submission form for article writing contest

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