Data entry jobs

Data entry from home

If you are a freelancer in need to make money online fast, and you don’t have superb IT skills to make five-six digit salaries, you should take a look at data entry. As work from home online jobs go, data entry jobs are the most common one. Furthermore, there’s always lots of demand for it. Work … Read more

Websites for freelancers-Freelancer


Freelancer is another site for finding work that made it to my trusted sites list. And with flying colors, I might add, easily in my top 3. After this review here on my Freelancer Inn Blog,  I hope you will have enough information and determination to pursue jobs on this platform. It may help you … Read more

Websites for freelancers – Upwork

Upwork-The right place for finding work

The right places for finding work are, above all, the most crucial thing if you don’t want to waste your precious time. Even more, they are going to help you get a stable job.If you have a set of skills and you want to earn some money, you should apply at Upwork. Disclosure: Bear in … Read more

A few pointers

How to raise your chance of getting a job online

How to raise your chance of getting a job online? Certainly, all of us had this question once or twice. Allow me to give you a few answers about how to remedy this.It seems like you sent out 1000 job applications and with no reply? Maybe it’s not just a bit of bad luck. Therefore … Read more