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There’s one problem that’s common to all beginner content writers. Lack of published work.
How many times did you find a job add that requires you to link your published work?
I’ll gladly help you out here, I’ll publish your work on my Blog. You’ll get a published article(s) under your belt, and I’ll get more content.
Win-win scenario for all. You’ll not be paid for doing this.
You can submit an article or articles about anything you like, as long as you adhere to minimum requirements.

All submitted materials will receive pending publishing status, and will not be immediately visible here.
They will be published if they pass minimum requirements control, and after I check them for plagiarism. Articles will be published as-is.

If and when my budget allows, I may organize some kind of cash compensation for the best articles. And I’ll contact respective authors when I’ll need some work done for this Blog.

The minimum requirements

  • You must be REGISTERED to get published
  • English language only
  • Original content only (citations must be clearly identified)
  • 500+ words
  • No media allowed
  • No affiliate links
  • No profanities or explicit content
  • The overall quality of the article must be decent (grammar errors non-existent/low, if you are struggling with grammar read this please)
  • No illegal content allowed

Terms of publishing

By submitting your work here, you agree that Freelancer Inn becomes the owner of the article/content, and you may not publish it anywhere else.
All submitted work, which complies with the minimum requirements, will be posted on Freelancer Inn Blog.
You will be credited as a guest author, by the name you supply when registering.
Enter your website URL, and contact us if you want a backlink.
We reserve the right not to publish any article, without offering any explanation.
We may change the category of the article if we find that it fits better. Although the articles will be published as-is, we reserve the right to change their content (for SEO purposes) at the later date.
All work submitted here must be original work, without any copyright infringements.
Freelancer Inn (owner) reserves the right to change terms of publishing as and when we see fit.

The submission form

Please register, and the submission form will be available here.

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