Amazon work from home jobs


Amazon’s work from home job positions are getting a lot of attention these days. People are more and more interested in work from home as freelancers, and Amazon is one of the biggest and best employers around.
This is why Amazon jobs from home are so popular.
So, let’s go deeper, I’ll give you a review on Amazon work from home jobs.

Do I need to explain who Amazon is?

Amazon jobs from home

Maybe just a bit, so that you can form a better picture., Inc. is an American multinational technology company based in Seattle, with 750,000 employees. It focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. It is considered one of the Big Four tech companies, along with Google, Apple, and Microsoft. It’s been referred to as “one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world.”
Amazon is known for its disruption of well-established industries through technological innovation and mass scale. It is the world’s largest online marketplace, AI assistant provider, and cloud computing platform as measured by revenue and market capitalization. Amazon is the largest Internet company by revenue in the world.

source: Wikipedia

Amazon is considered one of the Big Four tech companies, along with Google, Apple, and Microsoft! I had to repeat that one more time.
And this is not Frank talking in the local bar, after the eleventh beer!

A company that big is not all about IT, Amazon has slowly incorporated itself across the board. From merchant warehouse,
web services, TV, music, tablets, books, and sustainable future projects.

Now when we have established what Amazon is all about, let’s move on to the jobs section. This giant with 750 000 employees gotta have a position with my name on it?

Amazon jobs, no! Amazon work from home jobs!

Amazon work from home jobs

Yes, Amazon has thousands of job positions open every given moment. While they have offices all around the globe (sorry flat earthers) they are way past only the US, and they are hiring for more workers.

As the majority of us here are interested in Amazon work from home jobs, I’ll bluntly ignore regular Amazon jobs (you can find them here), and move on straight to the point.

Amazon online jobs, remote jobs, or remote career opportunities – how they refer to it. You can find them here.

The office that comes to you
Sometimes, Amazon has virtual (or “work-from-home”) positions available to qualified individuals who live in some areas. So if you aren’t near a physical Amazon location, or just want to see if there are virtual opportunities in your area, you’re in the right place.

source: Amazon

The office that comes to you. I like that. Let’s look around the office, shall we?

The office that comes to you!

Find virtual jobs on Amazon
source: Amazon
Click on the image to enlarge it

At the moment I’m writing this, there are 1141 full-time Amazon work from home jobs available here!
If you are a student and wandering do they have a job for you?
Hence the answer is yes, here’s the link to it.

“The office” is highly customizable. You can filter your search by job type, category, cities (even if you are remote worker, most positions require you to work from the specific area), business category and work category.

“The office” has a nice view (you can put on your screen a screensaver that suits you the most), work colleagues are manageable, and the boss is ok (aren’t you?).

If/when you find a position you like, open it and thorough job details unveil before your eyes. Read it carefully, and if your skillset and qualifications are sufficient, apply for it (good luck).

Amazon work from home jobs benefits

What are the benefits you might ask? It seems that Amazon takes care of its own. Maybe that’s the reason why are these positions so popular, especially abroad.

Benefits differ from the US, and to the rest of the world.
Therefore, I’m gonna highlight some of them for the US here, and you can find the rest at this link.

  • Health
  • Financial 401(k)
  • Restricted Stock Units
  • Maternity and Parental Leave
  • Employee Discount

The financial compensation, aka salary, depends on the job position. So, like all big, reputable companies, which I review on my Blog, the pay is regular. That’s actually a big thing in lots of countries around the world.

On the one hand, we have a highly reputable company, one of the largest in the world. Even more, it’s still hasn’t stopped growing.
It needs all kinds of workers. So, you don’t have to worry will the paycheck arrives on time with Amazon.

On the other, we have lots of online freelancers looking for steady jobs.
Due to these facts, I think they will not have problems filling up their positions. But, there will always be open positions for highly-skilled remote workers, willing to work hard.

Amazon work from home jobs – conclusion


Unfortunately, we have found ourselves in a brink of another world-wide health threat in a form of COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus spread).
Consequently, Amazon told employees in their Audible audiobook division, workers from New York and New Jersey, that they should work from home if possible. At least until the end of March.
New York City’s mayor also urged residents to work from home.

Furthermore, I believe that the future will repeat itself. Who knows what else is in the line for us, why not jump ahead of the curve and start your work at home job career now?
And Amazon is a good place to start looking for just that.
Amazon work from home jobs are a legit way to get your income up, of course, if you have the skills for them.

Maybe you’d prefer a regular position, here are some positions for an Amazon job near you, select the location nearest to you, and go through them.

If you’d like to go through the rest of the reputable employers, not just Amazon, I created a list here, for your convenience.

Finally, if you made it all the way to here, maybe you’d like to go over some other article in my Blog?

Good luck, take care, and please share it if you liked it!

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