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How to raise your chance of getting a job online? Certainly, all of us had this question once or twice. Allow me to give you a few answers about how to remedy this.
It seems like you sent out 1000 job applications and with no reply? Maybe it’s not just a bit of bad luck. Therefore I urge you to keep reading this.

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Few pointers that can be applied to find an online job, any job for that matter:

1. Grammar matters a lot

If you need some work done and you get 50 submissions for a job opening, then you will immediately dismiss the ones that are lacking in any way or form.
That is the reason why you need to use a grammar check tool. Even if English is your native language, it could help you avoid errors.
I find Grammarly the best tool for the job! It’s simple to use, it can save you from a lot of errors and make your writing better.
Raise your chance of getting a job

2. Develop your skills further

It’s very, very important for you to keep developing your skillset! It’s crucial if you are working in IT.
We live in a technological age, so we should always be investing in our knowledge if we’d like to stay ahead of the curve.
If you learn a new skill, it’s more likely you will get hired. Hence you will have more options in choosing your perfect job.
There are lots of free tutorials on every subject out there, even on Youtube.

3. Be persistent 

It’s not easy to acquire an online job, a good one, at least. There are many competitors and not enough work for us all.
Keep in mind the prize, the money your name on it is just there!
Keep going and stay positive. YOU CAN MAKE IT!
And I’ll try to help you out in that process.

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