Free online Ivy League courses


A worthy cause

In the wake of the Covid-19 virus, people are advised to stay at home. There are lots of great offers on the internet these days to overcome self-isolation problems.
Today, I learned of the latest addition to the list – free online Ivy League courses!

Free online Ivy league
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Who would thought that I’d end up signing up on Harvard?!
Look, mam, I’m enrolled in Yale! Hm, online, at least.
We live in strange times, three months ago who would thaught that we will go out covered with masks? So, I guess everything is possible now.

Yale, Columbia, Brown, Harvard, Cornell, Dartmouth, Penn and Princeton, have all decided to participate in this worthy cause.

If you have the time and a will to learn something new, something that will help you to upgrade your skillset, or just to fight boredom, here’s your chance!

Enroll for free here.

Free online Ivy League courses

  • Business (112 courses)
  • Humanities (103 courses)
  • Social Sciences (101 courses)
  • Health & Medicine (52 courses)
  • Computer Science (50 courses)
  • Science (40 courses)
  • Education & Teaching (22 courses)
  • Art & Design (21 courses)
  • Data Science (21 courses)
  • Mathematics (20 courses)
  • Engineering (20 courses)
  • Programming (10 courses)
  • Personal Development (9 courses)

495 courses in total! If you add the free ones that Coursera offer, you get an impressive list of free online courses. You are bound to find something for yourself on this list.

Furthermore, a freelancer or not, you are aware that knowledge is power. And in this troubled time, you to can get something useful done.

There is a growing number of these online giveaways. People are starting to think about what can they do to make this existence better?
Consequently, communities are becoming a significant factor again. Even despite the lack of face to face contact.

Above all, I must point out that the world is changing rapidly, and it’s not all for the worst.

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