Upwork Grant review

Upwork Grant

An email Yesterday I received an email from Upwork. They were informing me about their Work Together grant program. As you might be aware, most countries around the world have some kind of protection plan to keep COVID-19 effects at bay. A plan, or set of plans, to support their business population. To keep them afloat … Read more

Dangerous Alarm

Dangerous alarm of Coronavirus

The world keeps constantly changing. Rapidly evolving. Vigorously improving. A lot of changes arise that may cause harm or comfort to the people. There are changes for the better and changes for the worse. Global problems are anywhere right now affecting every aspect of the lives of the people around the globe. There are lots … Read more

4 Awesome Ways You Can Advocate for A Full Time Freelance Writing Job

Freelance Writing job

“Oh, it must be so easy.”This was the remark your long-lost friend made last night after you had told her about your freelance writing job. All those late-night works, hovering over submit button, fear of getting rejected, actually getting rejected over and over until finally, one client said “Yes” are replaced with a single adjective. … Read more

Choosing What’s Right For You

What’s Right For You

“We are on the lookout for new writers! Here’s your chance to be part of our team! Apply now by clicking the link below.” This ad was seen on Facebook by my mom. Knowing that it can be a good opportunity for me, she sent me the link to the site. I have heard about … Read more

Live A Meaningful Dash

Live A Meaningful Dash

I’m sure that at some point in our lives, we imagined what death is probably like, maybe wondered what’s there beyond. It’s normal to come across such an idea especially now, with the drastic impact this COVID-19 pandemic brought upon us. I found a poem by Linda Ellis written in 1996 entitled “The Dash”. The … Read more