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Rat Race Rebellion jobs – a great place to start

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Image – courtesy of Rat Race Rebellion

Rat Race Rebellion virtual jobs website is different in many ways from your run of the mill jobs board websites.
If you are looking for work, the Rat Race Rebellion is a great place to start.
With 375,000+ jobs posted, and one of the best subscription service, the RRR is an important tool for freelancers. Most noteworthy, they are one of the rare websites I didn’t unsubscribe from, but more on that later.

When you land on their homepage it looks more like a high-end blog than a first-class virtual job finding resource.
Certainly, their choice of the visual identity is a matter of taste. I like it for one.

Rat Race Rebellion blog like visual identity

Hence, the RRR deserves a few lines on the Freelancer Inn Blog.

“Welcome home!” Since 1999, we’ve been leading the work-from-home revolution. Our founders designed the first virtual careers training programs for the US State Department and the Armed Forces. Thousands have found jobs and gigs at Rat Race Rebellion, changing their lives and ditching their commutes.
Source: https://ratracerebellion.com/about/

Big list of Rat Race Rebellion jobs & gigs

First of all, here it is – a big list of jobs & gigs. That’s the most important thing that brought you here? To find an online job worthy of your skills.

For that reason they’ve made this list, they call it “The Ultimate BIG LIST of Work from Home Jobs”.

Big list of jobs (gigs)
Big list of jobs

As you can see, it’s a compilation of companies and positions RRR collected into one searchable, sortable table.
You can filter positions on the tabs above the table into customer service, on-demand, and virtual assistant positions.

Above all, they stated: “Rat Race Rebellion’s BIG LIST is the only list of work from home jobs you’ll ever need.”
Although it’s a very good list and a valuable resource that may help you find a job online, I found that statement a little too bold for my taste.

Furthermore, it’s good enough to be a part of my BEST FREELANCE WEBSITES page. Certainly, that page is THE only list of work from home jobs you’ll ever need!

Finally, on a more serious note, the Rat Race Rebellion’s big list holds a fair amount of jobs waiting to be filled.
They are all alphabetically sorted and ready to be searched. So, thumb up to RRR for this great free tool!

A hidden gem

The thing about the Rat Race Rebellion I liked the most is their subscription. Yes, you read that correctly, and no, I’m not drunk.
So, what about their subscriptions is so great?
In most cases, you register on some site. They sent you a few e-mails, start to annoy you, and you unsubscribe. At least that’s my modus operandi.

The e-mails you receive from RRR are different. They still came every day or so. But in contrast to the rest, they are on point, timely, and you can apply for the jobs straight away.

Subscription e-mail received from RRR

Above is the example, an e-mail I received 15 hours ago, named: “TTEC is Immediately Hiring 5,000 At-Home Customer Service Representatives”.

Don’t get me wrong, not every mail is something you can apply for, neither every position requires this amount of work from home freelancers. Therefore, you can see RRR put a lot of effort into this for no cost to you at all.

They do have some affiliate links on their jobs board, of course. They need to monetize their work somehow. This is done at no cost to you, in a non-intrusive way, so it won’t bother you much.
Although I mostly use ad-block software, the only thing that pops up on RRR after a while is their subscription notification.

It seems like lots of job-related websites are inclined to the USA market. Rat Race Rebellion is not much different in that regard. It’s a US company, so that’s a normal practice.


They offer a vast amount of online jobs you can apply for, and most of them are screened by the RRR. As a freelancer myself, I’ll gladly admit that I’ve bookmarked them on my browser.

Almost all positions are for the USA and Canada, almost being a keyword. There are several posts for international users, and you can find them in the RRR search box if you enter the word “International”.

At the time I’m writing this, there was only one. So, not much love for international users there, but I prefer small chance to no chance anytime.


Finally, Rat Race Rebellion is offering useful service, if you are on a job searching quest. They do it well, in a timely fashion, it’s a free service, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t use it. At least not one that comes to mind at this time.

Have you ever got a job from their service? Do you maybe have a negative experience you want to share? Feel free to share your thoughts about your experience with them in the comment section below the article. I’d love to get more feedback from experienced freelancers, which would surely benefit my new members.

Is the RRR still a valid option in 2021? Short answer – yes it is.

If you haven’t found what are you looking for on RRR big list, check out the even bigger list on Best freelance websites for more options. Or maybe you can find something more you like in my Blog section?

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