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“We are on the lookout for new writers! Here’s your chance to be part of our team! Apply now by clicking the link below.” This ad was seen on Facebook by my mom. Knowing that it can be a good opportunity for me, she sent me the link to the site. I have heard about online jobs before, but it was my first time to encounter a posting from an international academic writing platform, so I gave it a try. In a week’s span, I went through the screening process and got hired. With that, I did a background check on the company. I found out that there are about two thousand of us globally working for them as writers, and that many applicants are vying for such a position. Admittedly, this kind of work nature is beneficial, but there are also corresponding challenges. With that, it is very essential that we learn more about these ups and downs especially if we are planning on trying such platforms.

The Benefits

Being an online academic writer is practical and convenient. For one thing, being home-based allows us to take our work anywhere provided we have a stable internet connection. We are also in-charge of our own schedule as there are no fixed hours with which we must comply. Because of this set-up, online academic writing is convenient. In the context of practicality, we are only required to take on subjects or topics in which we have a solid background. Upon being hired into the platform, we would be asked which fields of expertise we prefer to work on. Then, orders are filtered according to our chosen subjects. Although some topics outside of our preferred areas may still appear on our portal, we are not obliged to accept these tasks unless we’re confident that we can meet the clients’ expectations or requirements. This organized work system does make the work nature convenient and practical. However, there are a few downsides with regards to certain policies set by the company.

The Downside

As online academic writers for an international platform, financial transactions are easily accomplished by means of online payment modes. In our writer accounts, three types of “Balance” are reflected: Pending Balance pertaining to pending payment for orders that have already been completed, Available Balance which refers to withdrawable payments, and Total Balance referring to the sum of the Pending and Available Balances. Per salary cut-off, only the amount reflected in Available Balance can be withdrawn or transferred to our PayPal accounts. Everything is organized in that regard. It is in the charging of fines, however, with which most of us writers have complaints and concerns. The rules set forth by the company are fair, but commit one little mistake or violation and fines will be charged to your Available Balance accordingly. As a result, writers who commit violations would only have as much to withdraw for that specific salary cut-off. What we see unfair with this policy is the lack of financial security for the writers. We have bills, too, and we also invest in time, labor, and resources to accomplish our duties to the company. Understandably, fines must be applied to set the discipline among us as professionals, but if this aspect of the policy does not get modified, it will really be difficult for those writers who are making ends meet with online academic writing as their sole source of income. A lot of us have sent our suggested improvements on this matter such as deducting fines from the Pending Balance, instead. Hopefully, it gets resolved soon so as to avoid problems that take root from these scenarios.

Was it worth it?

As I have mentioned earlier, there are both good and bad sides to online academic writing. However, I would like to believe that the benefits outweigh these challenges. I’ve learned about “Do’s” and “Don’t’s”, got to try various formats and templates, and discovered which writing styles are appropriate for certain writing orders. I can say that because of this online academic writing platform, I have developed as a writer and I will continue to utilize these new-found skills and knowledge to expand my horizons in this field.

Indeed, online academic writing is beneficial despite the challenges in some policies. The application of fines is a minor flaw compared to the convenience, practicality, and the opportunity to hone one’s craft which this work nature offers. In conclusion, online academic writing is feasible as a part-time job or secondary source of income, and with the benefits it can give us as writers, it is truly worth a shot.

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4 years ago

Another well-written article, I would not expect anything less from Erika by now. I’m not exactly sure what online academic writing platform is, and I’m sure my readers would like to know which one is that? If it’s not a secret.
Thank you for this personal short story about freelance writing.

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