4 Awesome Ways You Can Advocate for A Full Time Freelance Writing Job


“Oh, it must be so easy.”
This was the remark your long-lost friend made last night after you had told her about your freelance writing job. All those late-night works, hovering over submit button, fear of getting rejected, actually getting rejected over and over until finally, one client said “Yes” are replaced with a single adjective. EASY!! It stung terribly. No wonder that you woke up with a terrible headache this morning. But you are not completely blameless in this, you know. Hey! Don’t be angry! Let me explain, okay? Let’s rewind your conversation with your friend, shall we?

Your friend: So, what are you doing nowadays?
You: I am a freelance writer.
Your Friend: Umm, okay. Where is your office?
You: I work from home.
Your Friend: Oh, it must be so easy.

See? You did make it sound EASY! So, what could have you said differently? Well, a lot of things actually. Whether you like it or not, a lot of people still think of a writer as a person who writes classic novels or short stories. Many will even judge that to be a good writer you must have at least one bestselling book on your shelf.

Otherwise, what you are writing isn’t worth their time. Suffice it to say, freelance writing is still an unconventional way of earning money and people are not accustomed to hearing about it as a full-time profession. Even though it sounds terrible, it offers you an opportunity too.
You get to have a say in the assumptions people are going to make about your profession.
So, you just need to say the right things to give them the correct impression of a freelance writing career.

You do not need to seek validation from others, but you may want to share your unique struggle of turning your passion into a profession. That’s completely understandable. So, I am here to tell you 4 awesome ways you can advocate for your full-time freelance writing job. Bring a cup of coffee because we are going to delve deep!

1. Come up with a perfect intro for Freelance Writing job

Remember the times we used to learn about how to write a perfect introduction for an essay? Well, starting a conversation about your career with a perfect introductory sentence is equally important. You need to give your listeners something to hold onto this conversation and to make them wish to know more about your job. So, don’t just go with a boring one-liner. Throw some attractive keywords in the mix which will pique their interest.

For example, if your niche is health, you can say:
I am a freelance writer focused on writing pieces about human health.
If you are working for small businesses, you can say:
I am a copywriter currently working for a number of small businesses.
I am a professional B2B writer.

Now, these sound much more interesting. It gives them a broader idea of your specific skills and will likely raise more questions about your work in their minds. You are off to a perfect start!

2. You are allowed to mention good things!

People love a sense of belonging. Almost in all professions, people work for a particular institution or organization. The flexibility of working for anyone can be a foreign concept for them. It is not in human nature to take an instant liking for something unknown to them.

So, go slow! Don’t overwhelm them with all these unique concepts of your freelancing life. Your articles have been published in some of the well-known magazines? Your copy ads have helped a small business of your locality sell their items?

Tell them the names you have worked for, explain the new ideas you have generated through your writing. People love to hear well-known names. The fact that you have worked for them will make them realize the worth of your profession.

3. Talk about both the GOOD and the BAD of the Freelance Writing job

Your friend mostly wears pencil skirts in her office as she must look polished in her line of work. Telling her that you can work in your P.J. will probably only make your works seem boring in her eyes. Raving about working from home to a friend who travels 4 times per month because of her job will have a similar effect. They all will find your job MUNDANE.

So, while discussing your work life as a freelance writer, don’t just ramble and talk about the good things only. Describe both the advantages and disadvantages of this career. It will give people the idea that it is not always a bed of roses and this profession has also obstacles like any other job out there.

4. Let the world know about your struggles

No one raves about a sailor who sails through a smooth sea. As a freelance writer, it is almost given that you have experienced one or two shipwrecks while navigating for success. The road to success had been long and winding. So why let the stories of your struggle to remain untold?

Everyone loves to hear true stories that can inspire and motivate them to do better. Tell them about the difficulties and failures. It will create a sense of admiration for your dedication and commitment to this profession.
I am sure by now you are regretting not opening up more to your friend. That’s right! Don’t be shy when it comes to expressing your love for your profession.

Your hard work, consistency, and patience deserve to be credited for. In this line of career, you will frequently be asked to describe the works you do. With the right amount of enthusiasm and correctly chosen words, you can even motivate others to check out this profession. Make sure you do it right next time you meet your friend! If you can, she will be in awe of your profession.

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4 years ago

Eusra vividly captured a few aspects of freelancer writer life. Between other things, she stated that some will find it mundane. I personally love mundane, so that’s another plus in my book ;).
She made 4 points here, and I’d like to add number 5. READ BOOKS, if you have a passion for reading it will only improve your style, it will make you a better author.
Thank you, Eusra!

And what is your number 6?

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