Dangerous Alarm


The world keeps constantly changing. Rapidly evolving. Vigorously improving. A lot of changes arise that may cause harm or comfort to the people. There are changes for the better and changes for the worse. Global problems are anywhere right now affecting every aspect of the lives of the people around the globe. There are lots of issues the world is dealing with now. Tons of battles that we are battling with. As one, we are trying our very best to stop it all and solve everything and make things right again.
Due to these global issues and problems the lives of all humans are affected. Each and everyone now is in the process of adjusting to the changes. These changes have a massive impact on what we used to be. What we used to do. What we used to believe.

As of today, the biggest dilemma that we are dealing with is the spread of this Corona Virus 2019. Hundreds of countries across the globe are now affected by this virus and many citizens in their country die due to this virus. This virus was not been controlled too early that is why it is now in the pandemic state. It has taken thousands of lives and changes a billion lives.

To this very moment, we are struggling to fight against this crisis. This health crisis is a very serious problem. This health crisis is not only affecting the health status of the countries but also the economic and safety status of every country that is affected by this. Health is at stake. The economy is on the verge of downfall. Safety is at risk.

Since this virus is our greatest opponent right now we are asked to stay at home for our safety. Some of us can’t go to school and offices anymore. Jobs are pending and some are done online or virtually. Some people are now jobless and now left with nothing to eat. Students, workers, parents, children, and leaders are affected by this.

Let’s talk about first, health status. Health is the first victim of this virus. Health is at risk because once you are infected you’re life is in danger. There are only two ending for you it could be you’ll survive or you’ll die. It is a situation where you have to believe or not. Believe that you’ll be healed or believe that there is no way for you to be cured anymore. Believe that it is not yet the end for you or not believe that there’s a new beginning ahead.

Everyday deaths in every country who have cases were reported. We can see how painful it is to lose someone and is not able to be with them in their last moments here on earth. It is not easy to just stay in one corner thinking that your loved one is fighting for his life at the hospital. Today life’s never been easy.

Second, the economic status of every country. We can’t deny the fact that it is slowly slowing down. Especially those who are developing countries. Some of the countries do not have enough advanced technologies to examine and do experiments about this virus. Some are not ready to fight this unseen opponent. Some are struggling to control this raging enemy. Some are declaring surrender as this virus is out of control anymore. No more exports and imports. No more tourists. No more trading.

As it is needed to cut contacts with other countries to prevent the spreading of this disease. As there is no exporting and importing of products, as there are no tourists in every country, as there is no more trading, the economy of each country goes down. Small-time or big-time businesses were closed. Lots of establishments were permanently closed too. As those were closed many people who are relying on those establishments and businesses are affected because maybe it is their source of income or the source of their daily needs.

The money circulation of the country is not the same anymore as it is before because changes do take place. Supplying the basic needs of the people is still done but not as what it is before. Lucky are those who are rich, unlucky who are not because they suffer even big time in this situation.

Lastly, I wanna discuss the safety status of the constituents of every country from the leaders down to the people. The world is not becoming safer for everyone it’s becoming dangerous. It becomes dangerous due to people’s actions also. We created our misery. Our problem. Our dilemma. Our Struggle. Our pain and agony. We are now on the situation wherein we have to avoid even our closest relatives, friends, and classmates and anyone dear to our heart because no one knows they might have it.

After all, our enemy cannot be seen by our bare eyes. We cannot even go to church the masses were stopped. Once you step outside and go with the sea of people your life is at stake. Every second spent outside is a risk you take. Today our homes are our haven. At this moment it is the safest place for us to hide. Staying at home is the best thing to do. Sad to say some can’t stay because they have duties to fulfill. Needs to comply. Stomachs to feed.

This might be the wake-up call for every one of us. This might be an alarm but just a dangerous one. This might be the ice breaker for us to realize what is need to be done. This crisis brings us the message that we should stop all the fights, harassment, and all the evil deeds. Maybe it’s time for us to go and work together for the change. Maybe this is the moment that we should take to unite. Maybe this is the opportunity that we should grab as it only passes once. We should stop the hate. We should stop the war. We should stop corruption. We should stop the hurting and bringing down each other. Instead, we should start caring for each other and pull each other up.

This must be the dangerous alarm waking us up from a very deep sleep of unawareness, dumbness, and ignorance. All the dilemmas we are facing is an alarm, a warning that we should take seriously. We must know that this is not only the problem we are about to solve these are just one of the problems that we have to face in our lifetime. We are still about to face more waves of problems but maybe for the next problems to come I hope that we are all working as one instead of working one by one.

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4 years ago

Thank you, Dale Ive Bajenting, on this warm and personal article about the problems we face.
Once again, the importance of working as a team, collaboration, and hope is vital to our survival.

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